Hey, it is nice to see you here!



My name is Eva (as a shortage from my long-ass name Evgeniia). I am a blogger from Hanover, Germany.


I am a girl who happened to love tonnes of things, so I still can't figure out what is my lifestyle blog about. About myself, I guess?


My favorite thing to do these days is getting engaged in CrossFit training. I never liked sports before, but suddenly I got to the point of my life when I did fall in love with CrossFit.


I also love art: photography, music, drawings. You can also see that style, including fashion, makeup, hairstyle are also forms of ART for me. Especially if it has futuristic vibes.


I am a gaming addict, who lives on the Internet and love to express myself online. 


I am a professional weirdo.


I hope we can be friends ♥


Disclaimer: it is hard to find a source of each and every picture I might use in my posts, so feel free to let me know to add credits if you know the creator.



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