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My name is Eva (as a shortage from my long-ass name Evgeniia). I am a cybersecurity enthusiast and ethical hacker from Hanover, Germany.


I am a girl who happened to love tonnes of things, so my site used to be just about everything, but at the very end, I decided to focus on my career growth, and use this site as my professional business card.


A bit about myself:

I'm very curious and like challenges, that's why I love to spend time on HackTheBox and TryHackMe to learn to hack my way into the root. Ethical hacking is my fave hobby and I love doing it for fun.


I enjoy coding! Python is my favorite, and preferred language, but I am also familiar with others. I enjoy finding bugs and solving problems, but I guess it is still about my professional side?

I am a gaming addict, who lives on the Internet and loves to express myself online, so you probably see a lot of me on social accounts.


Amongst my other hobbies is art: photography, music, drawings. If you ever saw my "main" Instagram page, you can also see that style, including fashion, makeup, hairstyle are also forms of ART for me. Especially if it has tech/futuristic vibes.


I am a professional weirdo, shy as heck, but a great team player, as soon as I get to know my crew.


I hope we can be friends or a team! 🤍


Disclaimer: it is hard to find a source of each and every picture I might use in my posts, so feel free to let me know to add credits if you know the creator.



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