15 Helpful Cybersecurity Infographics

As a visual learner, I got used to gathering any possible useful visual piece of the info, and place to a dedicated board on my Pinterest account.

So, as soon as I started learning cybersecurity in general and pentesting/ethical hacking in particular, from scratch, I created a board where I pin all cybersecurity infographics and any other visual info that helps me learning and discover something new.

After giving it some thought, I decided that I would also very much like to post my findings here. That way I can share all this useful info with you. And I mean, I am not only going to share cybersecurity infographics with you all, guys but I also very much going to share any particularly interesting findings that help me study and learning cybersecurity from scratch.

  • Disclaimer: All infographics include credits (@ or website links of their creators), but if you are the owner and want me to explicitly share the link to your resource, please let me know!

I have not figured it out yet, as I have been building up my blog, and trying to understand what exactly do I want to post here. But it comes clear to me that maybe a good goal for me will be to help others, who just like me start seeking the career change or try learning cybersecurity from scratch, on their own.

I can share my experience and my good findings to help others reach their own cybersecurity/pentesting goals, showing them itis possible without investing very much money and studying for years.

Do you like to keep visual info around? Pinboards, stickers around your workstation? Anything?