Colorful Hair Buns I Fell in Love With



As far as I remember, for the latest 5 years of my life, I've become a "citizen" of Pinterest.


I've created so many inspo desks where I gather all the pictures I like, and I really like a lot of them. 


As some of you might remember, in my blogger's life, I've developed quite a habit to share all my findings with people around me. 


Style, which includes hairstyles, outfits, makeup etc is a form of art for me, too. That's why I can't just move along seeing really gorgeous masterpieces.




My own hair is waaay too long for such cute tiny buns, but I still make braids. Nothing colorful, tho. I stick my personal style to the minimal black and white gradient, including my hair. Which is kind of white-ish.


A little remark: it is hard to find a source of each and every picture, so feel free to let me know to add credits if you know the creator.



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