About The Blog


Hell, I started it in time when I was rather confused about my life and what is going on. 


I like to draw but I can't make it a habit to make this hobby a viable sourse for blog posts. 


I decided to remove a thematic second name from my blog just because I don't really know what I am going to post about.


Thing is that my life seriously changed as I was engaged into crossfit training and now my whole existence consists of work and workouts.


I am still just a noob and I don't know if I soud just turn this blog into real blog about my daily achievements that are not interesting to anyone but me.


Still, it is a way to go, so probably I will give it a shot.


I will let this post be here, it will help me to organize my thoughts about that all :D


I mean, I still play games and draw. But it doesn't happen too often tp make a nieche blog about it. 


My workout activity for last few weeks, however, showed me that my fitness routine and my way to develop myself can, indeed, become something I want to talk about.


Let's see





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