WOD and Pull Ups (So Called)


So today's WOD was 12 min: 60 thrusters; 60 burpees.


I made it with my childish weight 15kg 😬


Result 117


I did 5x10 + 2x5 rounds. Couldn't make last 3 burpees 😫😂


My arms were still dead after Wednesdays WOD tho. Prolly I could better.


Also, deadlift 3x5. I made with 45 kg because, well, I'm on my period and my tummy was like WTF ARE YOU DOING WOMAN STAAAHP.


lso, today I practiced pull ups.


So called😂😂😂


I clearly have to develop my grip and some hardened skin on my palms, because I can't even hand for long 😂😫


So, yes, I was just hanging all the way :V With some shoulder and leg movements, just to practice.

I really want to invest more into my arms/hand strength! One long road ahead....


#evalauch #cfandgo





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