Wait Until You Are Ready?




Well, I can tell you my story. I never really loved physical activity. My only achievements are a year of aikido training when I was a teen and a few months of jogging (10 km every day) several years ago.

The first one was out of teenage boredom and curiosity, the second one was forced by the wish to be skinny (because of a man I liked).


So, as you can see, I quitted with time.


Since then I was surrounded by people who were (and still are) engaged into serious physical activity (including, Olga Kleinknecht, my closest person, and CrossFit junkie) who never shut up about their workouts and how I should start doing something.


I ignored them all because I know I didn't want, and I wasn't ready.


I knew if I start I quit.


So, I was waiting when my time will come to fully understand and recognize that NEED to do something: with my body, with my life.


I knew that my mindset has to be changed first of all, otherwise forcing a sport upon myself won't bring any fruits.


That happened all so sudden for me.


My life collapsed and I fell so deep that I felt nothing can help me to stand up and move again, nothing of those things I used before to help myself.


I suffered so long, being down, crawling and begging for help. And one day, I suddenly felt the urge to channel all my frustration, pain and disappointment to physical activity.


That was a huge surprise for me that I LIKED CrossFit. I didn't feel like having a mental challenge (:V), or overcoming my nature. I felt like it IS a part of me already, something that hit home, something that brought me to where I belong.


THaT is the feeling you have to feel engaging any physical activity. To be happy to wake up and go for a workout. To feel the need, the urge.


If you force yourself every day and don't even enjoy your activity, what is the point, you'll just quit one day (or will hate your sport the whole life).


It is better either to wait for the right time or don't make sports at all rather than making yourself through something you don't desire with your whole heart.


So, #evalauch, it is :3

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