WOD That Killed Me With Love


Today's WOD was indeed a combo of things I like to do: deadlift, burpees pull-ups, shuttle run.

Well, burpees aren't my big love, but still, pull-ups pulled it on for me :D


5 rounds:
5 deadlift;
10 burpees pullups
15 shuttle run (10 m).


I did 4 full round, 5 deadlifts + 4 burpees which gives the equivalent of 15:21 result (my coach prolly misheard me when I was trying to gather my shit together and say my results somewhat clear).


Loved it, loved it, loved it ♥


As about deadlifts, I stick to my 45 for now, as WOD demands many reps. 

Pull-ups were without a box, and I spent some time trying really hard to pull myself up, and actually managed to lift my body a bit up, which makes me so happy ♥


Shuttle run, well it was just like in school, so nothing new. However, as much as I don't like running, that felt so much like an active pause for me, as I managed to catch my breath after the heavy part.


I love this feeling of becoming stronger with every workout. To be capable of doing more and more every time. 


Satisfaction from physical development is something so affordable for everyone, yet so many of us struggle with even starting challenging ourselves. Which is sad, but understandable.


Everyone has to arrive at the right time into the right mental state to start changing own body.


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