After That 2 Hours WOD. Did I die?


I haven't posted in a while, there was an easter break that was just so boring that I didn't know better but slept and ate all the way.


Before the break, there was a big WOD which included running, kettlebells and weight plates, and various bodyweight exercises.


It was so heavy and so long (for about 2 hours), I was as good as dead, but I also was happy. I managed to pull it through without dying halfway even tho it was super hot out there, and there were serious muscle cramps + terrible headache which I tried to suppress with ibuprofen.



After that day it took the whole weekend to recover, though I kept making stretching routine, as I aim to be more flexible.


The last WOD I had on Wednesday was somewhat new for me, rope pull-ups, clapping push-ups, kettlebell goblet squats. I made them awkwardly, as I am too weak to make clean pull-ups or claps, but managed to do my way 7 rounds. Then 1 block run :D I posted a funny video on my Instagram about that run.



I feel and I see my changes, but they are so subtle, I can't even show them to anyone. Probably with time, when I change more I will post some pictures.


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