SG-Lation 2019 by #diesggang


It has been more than a week already since the even happened, but I am still in some kind of hibernation mode and can't keep up with my life pace, to be able to write about it in my blog.


SG-Lation 2019, the event organized by CrossFit-SG team, was meant to bring fun and some time to spend together as a gang. As much as it was A competition, we weren't competitors but friends.


That is what I like about #diesggang family.


How did I managed to actually participate in the competition, as I am a complete noob? 


Well, it was a chain of events and a complete surprise for me. My partner Sabrina-Paola lost her former partner so it was an emergency case, that's why nooby Eva was taken into consideration.


Of course, I died, those weights, reps, and distances were PR for me, but for the rest, they were something to warm up with, so I was literally surviving the whole run :V


Also thanks to my partner Sabrina-Paola, she carried me at the most challenging moments where I just couldn't keep up.


Thanks to my mates Olga, Leo (and Sascha for being an Esquire) for support and crazy trust in my abilities and sharing pure happiness when I actually DID IT.


That shit was the crucible that molded me into something. I figured I can.


I can.


And you can, too.


Teamwork is a great deal in carrying us to pushing own boundaries. We are meant to stick together to push it further.


I created a hashtag #weareanironunity for Instagram so we can support each other on our way to better ourselves ♥ 




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