Uninvited Advisors. How To Ignore?


As soon as you start getting engaged in almost any type of activity, they show up. Uninvited advisors.


Who think they know what and why you are doing and what is best for you.


And judging you if you live differently than they do, of course.




I thought I grew some thick skin during my blogging years not to react when facing commentaries from such people, but turned out I lost all skin-thickness.


But I have to learn all over again to live with the idea that I know what is better for me, and sometimes only my own failure can bring me my own invaluable experience of what is good or bad for me. 


My own failure, not other's advice. 


Because, if we speak about fitness and nutrition (I am not talking exactly about training techniques, which are "must have" to comply, mostly about individual peculiarities of your own body), there is a long path of trial and error to find what works the best for you.


But you can not just sit in the corner avoiding communication, so uninvited tips will fall upon you sometimes.


All you can do is remembering that they aren't in control of your life, they cannot know your WHYs, and all they speak is an echo of their own issues, not yours.


Probably, I will have to go through quite a few situations until I stop feeling like my feelings got hurt.


What is the worst situation with unsolicited advice you were through?



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