Been a While... But Here I Am


I always struggle to find proper and engaging words to start my posts. Especially the ones which I make after a long period of silence.


There is a lot to catch up, but only good things.


These months I dedicated myself to... myself. Rebuilding and making stronger, learning new things. In general, making me and my life better.


CrossFit had become a part of my life, a part of myself. I have never been so grateful, and I have never felt so rewarded in my life!


Every day that I spend making myself better: physically, intellectually, spiritually; brings me an enormous amount of satisfaction and happiness.


I am proud of myself that just for a half of year of activity, I managed to get so much fitter. Also, a proud moment, I finally started working with RX weights on workouts.


My everyday success and failures make me better. I learn to understand my body and its needs.


For a better understanding, I started learning Anatomy and Physiology of the human body.


I feel like it might be something that I would like to learn more. It will be great to be helpful to people and make the world around me better: sharing my experience personally, or through the blog.


My latest PR, 95 kg Deadlift:




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