Hello, I am Eva Tornado

My blog advises me to make a catchy first paragraph.

print("Hello everyone, my name is Eva, my pseudonym is Eva Tornado, I am a cybersecurity enthusiast and ethical hacker (at least I hope so).")

Well, at least I tried!

So, about me!

Sometimes I look like this, so you can at least know whom you are "talking" to here:

Yeah, that was some bad Instagram filtering, I admit. But c'mon! It's lockdown time, we try to have fun however we can, right?

So, it took me a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT) of thinking before I posted anything here. A few years back blogging was my prime activity and I couldn't spend a day without posting something cool on my former blog.

But since that blog was literally stolen from me by my former business partner, and I was left helpless (and he wondered unpunished), I had hard times even trying to start something new. Especially when you can't trust anybody and have to learn to do everything on your own.

But then.. COVID-19 happened! Man, this pandemic is an absolute disaster but since I'm practicing amongst other things stoicism, I decided that lockdown is the best time to figure out what do I want to do with my life.

Yeah, changing your career in your 30s is something else...

It did take some time, but eventually, my old dreams about being a tech specialist (as opposed to my former rather artistic occupation), took over and I decided to give it a try, just to see if I am capable of it.

So, November 2020 was a starting point of my new hobby (which, hopefully, turns into my main occupation). I tried to code for the first time. It was Python.

It took me a couple of months to learn coding, system administration, and networking basics to realize it is something I can be really good at!

All that left to figure out was what exactly do I want to be in cybersecurity?

Some more thinking and learning made me realize, I am good with testing, processing info, and analyzing, which definitely makes me good in penetration testing.

And this is how I started to dig deeper, learn more and gather knowledge, while trying to apply it and get as much experience in the pentesting field as possible, to become a valuable professional.

At least I hope so!

*imposter syndrome intensifies*

Anyway, nice to meet you, guys, thank you for dropping by! I hope we will become friends and learn a lot from each other!