My CISSP Training Course Certificate

Today I am going to make only a quick post just to share with you my latest milestone in learning cybersecurity from scratch.

I have just completed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Training Course provided by Cybrary (instructor Kelly Handerhan of cybertrain.IT).

It IS NOT an official Training Course for CISSP provided by ISC², but since the official courses are quite pricy, and the Cybrary course was available for free, I decided that I will give it a try. This way I was able to get the idea and the basic knowledge of what this course is about and what should I have to be ready for in the future, when I will decide to get CISSP certified oficially.

Since I decided to dedicate my blog to sharing my experience learning cybersecurity from scratch, on my own, and with minimum financial investments, I am definitely going to post a review of the Cybrary CISSP Training Course. You know, just to let you all know if it is worth the time and subscription and how much effort it takes to pass the probing exam after that course.

What certificates would you personally like to get in the future for your specialization?