Time to Rebuilt

The main goal of this post is just to help me change the topic of my site, and start to build it again, according to changes in my life.

I know, it was really stormy in my life, and I was thrown around the world, around the activities, while trying to find myself.

I eventually abandoned blogging as the main activity and focused on my fitness. Later, when SARS CoV-2 hit, and all social activity (including fitness) was suspended, the idea about what role CrossFit plays in my life, changed. It also became just a lifestyle, ceasing to be as a goal itself.

Meanwhile, while in lockdown, I finally figured out what I want to do with my life, and how I am going to change my career path from a copywriter/blogger/photographer to something more interesting to me.

As life goes on and we grow, we often change our paths, and it is never too late to try something new, especially if it is something you wanted to try for a long time but were afraid to even dare.

Saying this, I use this post to declare that I started my path of cybersecurity enthusiast, and aim to study and certificate as a professional, one-day soon.